At The Table

Cod fishcakes or “peixinhos da horta”5.00€
Plate of “Joselito” ham19.00€
Plate of “pata negra” cured ham16.50€
Special mixed platter (pata negra cured ham, “paio” pork sausage and cheese)12.50€
Azeitão cheese6.20€
Olive oil (per serving)1.00€


Vegetable soup4.50€
Spider crab soup14.00€


Octopus Galician style14.75€
Prawns “guilho” style (prawns with garlic)14.75€
Clams “Bulhão Pato” style (cooked in white wine) or “au naturel”21.00€
Clams cooked in salt21.00€


Boiled Spider crab34.00€
Stuffed spider crab head34.00€
Portuguese lobster (kg)99.00€
Live European lobster (kg)75.00€
Grilled tiger prawns (kg)69.00€
Prawns “au naturel” (kg)42.50€
Oysters (½ dozen)17.00€

Solar Specialities

Black rice with cuttlefish, scallops, prawns, mushrooms and mussels (2 people)52.50€
“Açorda” of European lobster (a stew dish made with thin slices of bread, eggs and garlic)29.50€
Rice with shelled European lobster, cooked to order (kg)75.00€
Rice with lobster and prawns32.00€
Breaded prawns with tomato rice or russian salad28.00€


Grouper “troika” style26.00€
Fried cod cakes with “malandrinho” rice and beans (soupy tomato rice)18.00€
Fillets of John Dory with “malandrinho” rice (soupy tomato rice) or Russian salad28.00€
Octopus à lagareiro (grilled) with smashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables28.00€
Grilled grouper with smashed potatoes and spinach purée27.00€
Cod “à lagareiro” (grilled) with smashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables24.00€
Fish “ao sal” or baked (sea bass, sea bream or snapper) (kg)59.00€
Portuguese roast cod24.50€


Roast kid Monção style with roast potatoes and baked rice23.50€
“Tornedó aux champignons” cooked rare with crisps25.75€
“Mimos de porco preto” (pork dish) with crisps and sautéed vegetables18.75€
Sirloin medallion with bacon25.75€
Steak Portuguese style, with crisps25.75€
Pork shank In the oven with roasted potatoes and sauteed vegetable22.00€


“Peixinhos da horta” (green beans fried in batter) with rice and beans15.50€